Citroën CX – Bespoke Motorhome

Citroën CX – Bespoke Motorhome

Here’s something I spotted back in October when it went to auction. It looks like nothing I’ve ever seen.

It was originally commissioned in 1982 by an agricultural company; seemingly eager to make an impression, they used it primarily to carry their microlight and it’s wing, so that they could demonstrate aerial-crop-dusting. Originally there was a large box protruding from above the windscreen and over the bonnet to contain the wing. It was coach-built by Pierre Tissier, who was a notorious chopper of Citroëns, particularly making six-wheel variants as vans, campervans, and low-loaders.

After being sold in a bankruptcy deal in 1992, the current owner removed the wing storage and converted the rest of the interior into a motorhome. It also got updated with the strangely alluring colour scheme.

There’s something really brilliant about the design. The aesthetic is unmistakably French whilst also capitalising on that retro-futurism of the 80’s Citroëns, but it also carries a dystopian flavour brought by a bit of rust and some good old paint fade. That style is undeniably complimented by the shoot location, kudos to the auction house. Side note: it sold for around £8000.

For more information, check out the auction lot here. If you need more dripping Citroën design, here’s one from a long time ago.

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