Full-Size Remote Control Paraglider

There’s a few folks on YouTube trying to do new and different things with paraglider wings, but usually it involves flying in new places, new techniques, or crazy challenges in the name of entertainment. Andre Bandarra however, has just built an unmanned RC paraglider – but not a scale version, he uses his full-size wing.

Typical paragliding equipment is very basic: there’s a double-skinned fabric wing, three sets of lines supporting a harness, and two brake lines. The brake lines are designed to pull in the trailing edge of the wing on the left or right sides, to create drag and thus control the glider.

Andre, a self-confessed maker of many years, has utilised his knowledge of drones and the RC hobby to craft a basic system to control the brakes. Using two cable drums, some servos, and a bag of sand for ballast, he’s created a very successful proof-of-concept.

The video is worth watching all the way through, as it’s interesting to see how he slowly acclimatises to the controls, and finishes up finding enough lift to sustain a good flight. Stay tuned for more from Andre, he’s an interesting guy with more than one cool project, and there’s sure to be more on this RC paraglider too.

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