The Real F132

The Real F132

Back in 2014 Aaron Beck, a Conceptual Designer from New Zealand, presented his F132 concept to the world on his blog. I remember being impressed by it nearer that time, as its exotic blend of F1 race car and 1932 Ford comes together in such a sweet package. The 3D rendered project just looked so right, the proportions were so complimentary given the two cars it was based on.

Then a couple of months ago I saw it pop up online again – except it wasn’t a nice glossy render – it was a real-life beast.

The video above is a great introduction to this mad-looker of a car. Its owner says it had changed hands a couple of times before he bought it, and even then it was still an unfinished project. He’s done enough work to get it on the road and running, and as you can tell in the video, it’s far from perfect and he’s got plenty more to do. However the important bits are right: It looks evil enough to give your Nan a heart attack, yet fun enough to make her smile first. Oh, and it sounds awesome, on account of the short pipes and the 2.0 Vtec engine from the Honda S2000. It’s also transmission and running gear from the Honda too, so I think it’s safe to say it’d be a lot of fun. Send it!

Credit for the photos go to Larry Chen, whose portfolio is well worth a look, and clearly put together a great shoot in Miami. Aaron Beck revisited the project and developing a Le Mans-style monster – he even detailed the engine in eye-popping detail. Be sure to check out Hoonigan AutoFocus, who follow along with photographers as they shoot some interesting metal – I’m sure this isn’t the last time we’ll hear from them.

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