Terraplanter – An Inverse Plant Pot

Terraplanter – An Inverse Plant Pot

There have been other self-watering planters before, but there are always issues with getting the right level of moisture, there’s dirt involved to make things messy, and they always look a bit, well, rubbish. The Terraplanter changes all of that – it looks great whether it’s got plants on it or not, and it’s unique design means that it waters fauna better than you can.

Evolving from a core goal of re-imagining the centuries-old plant pot, this new planter re-invents the way you grow your foliage. The concept is simple: take your chosen plant matter and strap it, wrap it, rub spores, or even push seeds onto the exterior walls of the planter – then fill the centre with water.

Much research has gone into the ceramic material of the structure, which acts as a membrane to diffuse water from the central vessel to the outside surface. That parametric pattern that gives it such an amazing aesthetic is also functional; it was designed specifically so that seeds and roots could grip the Terraplanter, whilst also retaining water so that the plants have time to absorb it.

Designer Eran Zarhi and his team stuck this on Kickstarter on May 5 2020 – 24 days ago to be exact – and had a goal of $20,000. They have now received pledges for more than $3.6m, safe to say it looks like you’ll be seeing more of this very soon. For more information on the beginnings of this project, check their promo video below, and of course their Kickstarter campaign.

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