DIY 4K Projector

Once upon a time, we had vague plans to build a DIY projector from an old PC screen and some tatty bits of wood. Honestly, we’d never have done it much justice even if I hadn’t clumsily short-circuited the monitor and put an end to it.

In the years since it had occurred to me that phone screens would be a rather good solution, but now even easier, you can always pick up a pretty cheap screen from China complete with an HDMI driver board.

As DIY builds go, this one from DIY Perks looks great. The form factor is simple, using threads and sheet aluminium to build a simple but easily adjustable structure is pretty neat. On the downside though, requiring access to the phone casing and using a keyboard/mouse seems like it would become frustrating. Perhaps shelling out for a screen and just plugging in a firestick might be a more inviting option.

Oh, and the case could do with some work, but it wouldn’t be difficult to sort that out! On the whole though, nicely presented, and great instructions/info to boot. I’m sorely tempted now…

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