6 Seat Luxury Submarine

6 Seat Luxury Submarine

It’s not every day you see a mini submarine that catches your eye.

I can only imagine this, but there must come a point in a billionaire’s life where they’ve run out of things to buy. There are the houses, the cars, the Michelin star restaurants, and then there’s the yacht. At some point though, a certain level of ball-dropping wealth requires a suitably exorbitant set of toys to complement your fleet.

So if you’ve got a ginormous yacht – and you’re not enjoying it as much as when you first blew £50m on it – how about adding your own Luxury submarine as an accessory? The Aurora-6S might hit the spot then.

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation has been designing and manufacturing personal subs since 1995 from their HQ in California. Their Aurora series of submarines look like they are straight out of a sci-fi movie, with an exceptional field-of-view afforded by the large acrylic domes.

The range has options for 3, 4, 5, or 6 seat craft and depth ranges up to 2500m. Uniquely, these subs have a docking feature that raises the tail of the craft, creating a level surface at the back over which passengers can board easily. Once aboard, the handrails are lowered, and the craft levels itself. Neat.

SEAmagine’s spec list for the Aurora 6S is pretty impressive, perhaps most of all because they offer 6-9 person versions! They weigh more than 9 tonnes, use 6 thrusters to manoeuvre, and run on batteries that last for 8-10 hours – just long enough for you to dive to 1km and back.

If you want to take it that bit further though – because you’re weighed down by that big investment portfolio – there’s an even better sub. The subtly-named Aurora 6. Not so subtle on the inside though this beast has 3 acrylic domes, splitting the vessel into 4 compartments. Up front is the pilot, then behind that the ‘owner’s lounge’ sports a couple of recliners, in the rear there’s the ‘guest’s lounge’ offering swivel seats for better viewing. What’s in the fourth section you ask? Well in part it’s the entry hatch, but amazingly it doubles as an emergency bathroom. Imagine that, at 1000m deep. Huh.

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