Genius 3D Printed PS4 and XBOX HOTAS Mod

A couple of months ago veritable top gun u/moinen made the front page on Reddit with his absolutely genius 3D printed HOTAS extensions for the XBOX One controller.

The concept is simple: 3D print a bunch of basic parts, pickup your XBONE controller, and snap it all together. Then flick on your favourite flight sim, and go fiddle with your joystick!

As PlayStation user I felt like I was missing out at the time. Until today when I found out he made a PS4 version – it even includes triggers! But wait! There’s more! He’s even developed a yoke adapter for the PS4 too. Oh man, I think I’m in love.

Now I know it’s not the game of choice for many, but this could completely revolutionise my No Mans Sky VR experience.

This guy also goes by Akaki Kuumeri on youtube, and has a bunch of interesting 3D print projects, so go take a look. Check out the video above for an all-round introduction to the project. Here’s a few links to the project files if you fancy printing some of his creations:

So, only one thing remains, who’s gonna print me one? Aidan, where you at?

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