Author: Adam

10,000V Tesla Cannon

So I’m thinking we build one of these before Paddy gets home and spring it on him as he comes through the door? Seriously though guys, nice work. (via) …

BObama’s a Homebrewer

Turns out we live like residents of the White House. Hit the link above to check out the recipe. Also, watching the video, I think we ought to be upping our game. Check out the White House brewing recipes here.…

Zebra – Roy Wood

Zebra – Roy Wood

Check out the illustration work our new house-mate Mr. Wood is doing, it’s mighty fucking fine. He just sold his zebra, and that’s not a euphemism.

Dynmic Braking

Nicely presented little infomercial on dynamic braking. Feels a little like this video I made two years ago. (source) …