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A grid of photographs showing discarded disposable gloves


Dan Giannopoulous has been photographing discarded disposable gloves across London. Bad manners and callous disregard for the environment from the people of London but at least something good has come from it.

If you like this you might also like his series covering empty drug baggies.…

Winter nights in front of the Letterpress machine

Throw away that ancient log fire VHS, Jukebox Print have got the perfect background video for you. 53 minutes of autofeeding letterpress goodness.

If you haven’t already dropped by the Jukebox Print channel you should take a look – it’s relatively new but it has fantastic print-related content.…

Car passing over a motorway marked with blue snowflakes painted in temperature sensitive paint.

Reactive Paint Keeps Drivers Informed

Daan Roosegaarde plans to work with Dutch civil engineers to implement a bunch of new, creative safety devices on the country’s roads – including LED lights powered by the wind created by passing cars and glow in the dark paint that tells you when the road is icy.…

Screwdriver handle used as a car key

Drive It Like You Stole It

Comments recommend using a smaller, stubby screw driver to put less strain on the lock mechanism, lacking a car though. Maybe Adam would like to try it? (link) (via)

– Aidan…