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Organisc looking CNC cut plywood table

Organic CNC Cut Plywood

Built up of 741 slices of CNC cut plywood and then finished by hand, the brain child of Jeroen Verhoeven. (link) (via)

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Woman standing in the street. The film has light leaks.

Developing Other Peoples Exposed Film

Chris Hughes has been buying used cameras that still have film in them. It’s like forgetting what’s on a roll of film and developing it but 100 times better. (via)

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One Pixel

From the same guys as the Everything perfume comes a physical representation of one pixel. The camera dollies out until the golden “pixel” is the same size as one physical pixel for various digital video resolutions.

Also in SD, 720, 2K and 4K resolutions.…

On Thin Ice

Just a quick one tonight, you may have already seen him and his stuff, but, this dude is an inspiration to us all. Artist or comedian I’m not really sure, but if you want like it check out more crazy Norwegian shit on his channel. …

Lamborghini Bravo – 1974

Lamborghini Bravo – 1974

Marcello Gandini – Lamborghini Bravo – 1974

The Bravo was styled at renowned automotive design house Bertone in 1974. It never made it into production, like many outstanding cars of Bertone origin, however it did influence many of Lamborghini’s post-Bravo cars – apparently that outrageous rear arch just made a comeback in their new limited production Veneno.…