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DIY 4K Projector

Once upon a time, we had vague plans to build a DIY projector from an old PC screen and some tatty bits of wood. Honestly, we’d never have done it much justice even if I hadn’t clumsily short-circuited the monitor and put an end to it.…

Full-Size Remote Control Paraglider

There’s a few folks on YouTube trying to do new and different things with paraglider wings, but usually it involves flying in new places, new techniques, or crazy challenges in the name of entertainment. Andre Bandarra however, has just built an unmanned RC paraglider – but not a scale version, he uses his full-size wing.…

Tablet Hacking Kids

Tablet Hacking Kids

Illiterate Ethiopian kids get ‘given’ a bunch of tablets, proceed to work out how to use them unaided, and subsequently hack them until they can use the camera. GOOD EFFORT. Check out the article.