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Genius 3D Printed PS4 and XBOX HOTAS Mod

A couple of months ago veritable top gun u/moinen made the front page on Reddit with his absolutely genius 3D printed HOTAS extensions for the XBOX One controller.

The concept is simple: 3D print a bunch of basic parts, pickup your XBONE controller, and snap it all together.…

"GUERRIERS DES CIMES – Benjamin Guindre"

GUERRIERS DES CIMES – Benjamin Guindre

Benjamin Guindre is a French photojournalist, who is also a keen paraglider. At age 18 he did his military service under a specialist unit that introduced him to paragliding. Some years later, now a photojournalist, he returned to document the unit now called the Mountain Commando Task Force.…

"Terraplanter – An Inverse Plant Pot"

Terraplanter – An Inverse Plant Pot

There have been other self-watering planters before, but there are always issues with getting the right level of moisture, there’s dirt involved to make things messy, and they always look a bit, well, rubbish. The Terraplanter changes all of that – it looks great whether it’s got plants on it or not, and it’s unique design means that it waters fauna better than you can.…

Full-Size Remote Control Paraglider

There’s a few folks on YouTube trying to do new and different things with paraglider wings, but usually it involves flying in new places, new techniques, or crazy challenges in the name of entertainment. Andre Bandarra however, has just built an unmanned RC paraglider – but not a scale version, he uses his full-size wing.…



“There’s a crack in reality and something’s breaking through. Ten mind-altering tales from some of the best new drama podcast writers.” BBC, 2019

Murmurs is a series of 30 minute audio dramas that all suffer from unexplained interference. There’s a hollow, rising tension that leaves an aftertaste similar to that of the early Black Mirror episodes.…

"Death And Valor On An American Warship Doomed By Its Own Navy"

Death And Valor On An American Warship Doomed By Its Own Navy

ProPublica have published a well-written series of rich content articles about the fatal collisions between commercial shipping and US Navy Destroyers in the Pacific. They are long articles but are well worth a read, providing an insight into the catastrophic sequence of events leading to deaths.…

"Snazzy Maps"

Snazzy Maps

I have a thing for maps this week.

For those who aren’t aware you can completely, near-limitlessly, customise google maps (either live or in code). There’s something strangely satisfying about it. Lots of user created styles on the Snazzy Maps website too.…

"The Perfect Road Trip"

The Perfect Road Trip

This is the “perfect road trip”, mathematically engineered by Randal S. Olson. Perfect as in it is optimised to go via all 48 states, and take in 50 of the most major landmarks chosen by Tracy Staedter.

It’s created using genetic algorithms.