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DIY 4K Projector

Once upon a time, we had vague plans to build a DIY projector from an old PC screen and some tatty bits of wood. Honestly, we’d never have done it much justice even if I hadn’t clumsily short-circuited the monitor and put an end to it.…

T1 weighted MR Head

Point-of-Care MRI

US company Hyperfine recently received FDA approval for their groundbreaking mobile point-of-care MRI scanner.

Run-of-the-mill MRI machines are massive, permanent installations requiring liquid helium-cooled cryogenic superconducting coils and giant power supplies, whereas the Hyperfine machine can be rolled into a room and be plugged into a typical wall socket in a manner similar to existing portable Ultrasound and X-ray machines, without the hazardous ionising radiation of the former.…

Unreal Engine 5 – The Next Level In Gaming

Since the next generation games consoles were announced earlier this year, there has unsurprisingly been much hype around the hardware. The specs are out there for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, but that hasn’t necessarily given us a taste of what they can do, especially when the PC-crowd are quick to point out that most of the hardware isn’t that new.…

Shooting at Your Wife

Ever feel like you need some more man-points? Try shooting at your wife’s face. Just don’t forget to make her hold the bulletproof glass up first.

I should imagine this was quite impressive in 1932, though it’s still outrageous now. …

Car passing over a motorway marked with blue snowflakes painted in temperature sensitive paint.

Reactive Paint Keeps Drivers Informed

Daan Roosegaarde plans to work with Dutch civil engineers to implement a bunch of new, creative safety devices on the country’s roads – including LED lights powered by the wind created by passing cars and glow in the dark paint that tells you when the road is icy.…

Tablet Hacking Kids

Tablet Hacking Kids

Illiterate Ethiopian kids get ‘given’ a bunch of tablets, proceed to work out how to use them unaided, and subsequently hack them until they can use the camera. GOOD EFFORT. Check out the article.

Oceanwings – Squirrel Suit for Divers

Oceanwings – Squirrel Suit for Divers

The ‘Oceanwings’ is a swimsuit designed by Aqua Lung and takes it’s cues from skydiving wingsuits. There’s a video demo of it below, but I think it would benefit significantly from some kind of propulsion. Although I guess speed isn’t everything…