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6 Seat Luxury Submarine

6 Seat Luxury Submarine

It’s not every day you see a mini submarine that catches your eye.

I can only imagine this, but there must come a point in a billionaire’s life where they’ve run out of things to buy. There are the houses, the cars, the Michelin star restaurants, and then there’s the yacht.…

C’était un rendez-vous

On a quiet Sunday morning in August 1976, when most of Paris was asleep or on vacation, French film director Claude Lelouch took to the streets in his Ferrari 275GTB (or did he?). In the space of 8 minutes, he travelled 10.6km (6.6 miles) across Paris’ city centre at full speed and captured the run on a bumper-mounted 35mm camera.…

Yacht purposefully floating in the water as if it was sinking

Love, Love

Julien Berthier, giving boat owners and marina managers heart attacks since 2007.

Berthier modified fibreglass sailboat, chopping off the front half of the boat and re-arranging the keel to create the impression that the boat was sinking. Curator of the “Drift 08” exhibition on the Thames noted in the Evening Standard that she “thought it was an optimistic piece, because it never sinks.”…

The Real F132

The Real F132

Back in 2014 Aaron Beck, a Conceptual Designer from New Zealand, presented his F132 concept to the world on his blog. I remember being impressed by it nearer that time, as its exotic blend of F1 race car and 1932 Ford comes together in such a sweet package.…

Sailor on the bridge-wing of the USS Fitzgerald, with the cargo ship Crystal looming in the background

Death And Valor On An American Warship Doomed By Its Own Navy

ProPublica have published a well-written series of rich content articles about the fatal collisions between commercial shipping and US Navy Destroyers in the Pacific. They are long articles but are well worth a read, providing an insight into the catastrophic sequence of events leading to deaths.…

Citroën CX – Bespoke Motorhome

Citroën CX – Bespoke Motorhome

Here’s something I spotted back in October when it went to auction. It looks like nothing I’ve ever seen.

It was originally commissioned in 1982 by an agricultural company; seemingly eager to make an impression, they used it primarily to carry their microlight and it’s wing, so that they could demonstrate aerial-crop-dusting.…

Car passing over a motorway marked with blue snowflakes painted in temperature sensitive paint.

Reactive Paint Keeps Drivers Informed

Daan Roosegaarde plans to work with Dutch civil engineers to implement a bunch of new, creative safety devices on the country’s roads – including LED lights powered by the wind created by passing cars and glow in the dark paint that tells you when the road is icy.…

Screwdriver handle used as a car key

Drive It Like You Stole It

Comments recommend using a smaller, stubby screw driver to put less strain on the lock mechanism, lacking a car though. Maybe Adam would like to try it? (link) (via)

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