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C’était un rendez-vous

On a quiet Sunday morning in August 1976, when most of Paris was asleep or on vacation, French film director Claude Lelouch took to the streets in his Ferrari 275GTB (or did he?). In the space of 8 minutes, he travelled 10.6km (6.6 miles) across Paris’ city centre at full speed and captured the run on a bumper-mounted 35mm camera.…

Woman standing in the street. The film has light leaks.

Developing Other Peoples Exposed Film

Chris Hughes has been buying used cameras that still have film in them. It’s like forgetting what’s on a roll of film and developing it but 100 times better. (via)

– Aidan…

Travelwide 4×5

Travelwide 4×5

Most of you photographers out there may already know about this, but it’s worthy of a post anyway. Wanderlust Cameras have started a Kickstarter project to fund the production of their Travelwide 4×5; an easily-portable large-format camera. Looks pretty neat – good for creating unadulterated, no-thrills, 4×5’s.…